Important Notes: Week 25

Our Spring Parent Teacher Conferences have been scheduled for March 11 & 13.  An e-mail was sent out on Friday with your day and time.  Please look over your scheduled time and send me an e-mail to confirm or reschedule.  Thank you!

February 25 & 26 – Math Assessment

February 25 & 26 – Informational Writing Assessment

We will be celebrating all that we’ve learned about nonfiction writing this week and we will also be writing our last nonfiction book this week. I will use this piece of writing to assess each child’s understanding of writing nonfiction books. If you are able, before school on Monday, brainstorm with your child about a topic they are an expert on that he or she might want to write about and check in with your child about how their writing is going throughout the week.  I can’t wait to read these amazing books!!!

February 26 – Library Day


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